Daily Divine Union ~ 5/30/17

Every time you ask for something, every time you say that you’re ready, the Universe tests you. It shows you all the shadows that still remain in your field. All the karma that still needs to be cleared. It does this again and again. And again and again, you hit that wall. You think it’s too much, you want to give up, why doesn’t this ever END? How much more inner work could I possibly have to do?? Maybe you’re just completely insane anyway. That makes the most sense, right. Right?

What the Universe doesn’t tell you is that one of these days you’re going to ask for something, you’re going to say that you’re ready Now. Finally. You’re going to feel it, know it. And on THIS day, when you’ve walked straight into your own darkness and OWNED it … On THIS day when you’ve delved into the shadows that still dwell within you and stared into the eyes of your demons without backing down … on THIS day when you’ve forgiven yourself for EVERYTHING and you’ve forgiven EVERY ONE else as well, on THIS day when you’ve touched your own Soul, remembered all the aspects of your Truth, and seen only Light … on THIS day, the Universe will say, “Okay.”


Keep going. XOXO



May Energies Shifting—Have Faith

There are a lot of changes happening behind the scenes right now, and we are starting to see and feel the edges of what this means. May Day on the 1st of May represents rebirth and the merge of the feminine and masculine energies within. As we continue with our inner healing work, old karmic soul contracts will come to a close, outdated relationships that are no longer serving us will begin to fade, and new contracts that reflect our inner truth will start to emerge.

Just breathe through these changes. You’re on the path. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Even when you don’t understand. Breathe. Trust. And know that everything starts from within before it becomes our living reality. Let go gracefully.

Having faith is walking head first, full throttle into the dark with trust, love, and complete surrender–even though you can’t see a damn thing.

As within so without.


Allow New Beginnings to Begin—April 2017

As you begin to live more and more from your Heart, your energetic vibration will start to rise in response, and as this happens, you will find yourself in a sense of peace you might have forgotten existed. In this place, your life begins to shift, and those relationships that are no longer serving your highest good begin to fray.

We attract our energetic match, so when you are no longer vibrating at the same frequency as the person you’re with, they will gradually leave your field. It is a natural process. Allow it to happen, knowing that you are being Divinely guided.

Relationships come into our lives as we need them, and leave when it is time, making the space for others to follow.

xx Lalana

Venus Retrograde—The Universe is Calling.

During this time of Venus Retrograde, the Universe is asking, “are you falling back into your perceived comfort zones? Or are you following your Heart? Are you walking full steam ahead into the abyss with blind faith? Or are you clinging to the side, afraid to let go?”

This is test time. And it’s scary as hell.

Feel into your Heart and allow it to lead you through. You didn’t get this far—to only get this far.

xx Lalana

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Vishuddha Chakra & Speaking The Truth: The Divine Feminine

The fifth chakra, the Vishuddha, is located in the throat and thus is often referred to as the Throat Chakra. The Vishuddha uses the voice, speaks the truth, the inner knowing, and therefore, it is the chakra that revolves around owning who we are. This for so many of the Divine Feminine collective is not only scary, but downright terrifying. It’s one thing to tackle the inner work, clear the heaviness of the base chakras (Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus), feel yourself moving forward, making progress, and then quite another to stand in your truth and be brave enough to speak it.

It is here that so many of the Divine Feminine feel the flow of energy suddenly get cut off.

Through the persecution of the Divine Feminine over lifetimes, we have been silenced because of fear. Fear of our true power. Our softness, our fluidity, our unwavering strength. And now as we remember our truth, and we know with our intuition, we feel our hearts breaking open again in remembrance of the sheer power of who we are, who we have always been, and we are afraid to own it—to speak it. Sometimes we are afraid of who we are.

Some of us believe that our power is bad, or that we don’t deserve it, so we don’t use it or own it.

But this is what we must do. We must face the fear. With compassion, with love, with understanding—for ourselves above all else—first— and then for the collective. Not everyone will understand your truth, and not everyone will need to hear it, but you will. And you will need to stand in it—to own it—in all your divinity. Because it is your I AM presence, without the mask of illusion. This is the place from where you move with truth and purpose. This is the place from where you stand grounded in the world—with Mother Gaia supporting you.

And this is the place you find your Tribe. The ones who resonate with you, help you, believe in you.


We are co-creators in the mystical, beautiful dance that is Divine Union of the awakened Masculine and the awakened Feminine. We are wondrous in all that we are. Don’t hide your Light. Don’t be afraid of the beauty that you embody. Don’t silence your voice.

You are Sovereign. You are Light.

xx Namaste


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Twin Flame Union: Live Your Bliss & Be The Magnet

“Give yourself love, and you are giving me love,” my Twin told me once. At the time I understood it, but didn’t completely ‘get it’ until later.

Twin Souls are ONE energetic body—One whole, One consciousness, One truth. Energetically, we are identical. There is no separation, no beginning or ending. What we know on earth of ‘you and me’, ‘him and her,’ are illusions in the higher dimensions. They are simply the dividing lines that we have been told and taught to believe over lifetimes on earth, but they are falsities. And we are here to end them.

Your Twin is you, and you are them. This is probably THE most challenging concept for human beings to wrap their head around. And here lies the grain of ultimate truth: you aren’t supposed to wrap your head around it. You aren’t supposed to ‘figure it out,’ you are supposed to FEEL it. To know it. This is your core truth, and deep inside, you know it.

The head does not feel anything; it thinks. And half the time it think itself into loops. Loops of anxiety in the form of ‘what ifs’ and doubt streams. It thinks itself into fear regarding the Twin Flame Union because the mind doesn’t understand it in our current 3D reality, and what the mind (or ego) doesn’t understand, it either dismisses or tries to justify in some way with ‘proof.’

Your mind can’t figure this journey out; we are entering into the heart now. So, throw out everything you ‘think’ you know about relationships in 3D and allow yourself to enter the 5D by feeling from your heart without thought, without justification, without proof. If there is a key to this journey, this may be it. Surrender your thoughts about what you ‘think you know,’ and ‘how it’s supposed to be’ and feel with your heart. You will instantly be brought into stillness if you go into that place of heart-centered knowing, which is where we find peace, and where we are One with All That Is—including with our Twin. The heart is calm, loving, knowing. The mind never stops weaving, looping, and bobbing.

Step into TRUE Unconditional Love. And remember this, and only this, is who you are and who you will always be.


The second part of this equation is living your Bliss. Living your joy. What makes you happy? What fills you up from the inside? Your Twin? I hear some of you saying that. Well guess what? When you do what makes you happy and you live your bliss—even if that’s going to the beach, gardening, or whatever, then you are attracting your Twin. Why? Because they can feel you. Want to guess where? Mm hm, in their heart. The heart chakra connects all Twin Flames in Love.

We are energetic beings, the entire Universe is energy, and since your Twin is your exact energetic match, they feel what you feel. If you’re flying on a bliss cloud, they feel you. If you’re depressed in the dumps, they feel you. And it doesn’t take much to figure out which emotion they would rather feel, or which emotion would attract them or repeal them.

This is the Law of Attraction. Like attracts Like—no matter what that Like might be. Ever wonder why people say ‘misery loves company?’ It means when you’re miserable and focused on it, you attract misery. Either in circumstance or in people, or both. On the flip side of that coin, Bliss attracts Bliss. Happiness attracts happiness. High vibrational energy attracts high vibrational energy. Low attracts low. We can literally feel this when someone walks into a room. They’re either up or down, and we know it, even if we don’t know why we know it. It’s because energy radiates like heat waves, and energies react with one another, for better or for worse. Since we’re energetic beings, we’re all radiating our energy and picking up on others. This is also why shielding ourselves is soooo important. We don’t want to take on someone’s low vibrational frequency and mistake it for our own.

This is also why it’s important to stay in the highest frequency you can manage at any given time. Eventually this will become your default state and will you magnetize all good things toward you. As you get higher and higher, loving yourself, pampering yourself in healthy & wholesome ways, doing your inner work, being true to the best version of your Divine Self in all in the incredible sovereignty that YOU ARE, you will magnetize your Twin. Because they are you.

Always remember that this journey is ultimately about the Self. There is NO separation between you and your Twin, it only appears that way in 3D reality. And I know, I know, that is a difficult concept to understand, so just try to surrender to it—ease into it. And remember that it is your truth. You know this.

And whether your Twin is aware of your connection or not in their 3D physical form, they still feel you, and they are with you as their higher self. You are One for eternity. Nothing will change that. So, live happily, help others who are struggling on the Path, spread Light. Remember you’re not here to be miserable, waiting for your Twin to ‘wake up and get it.’ You’re here to live your truth in bliss. We are so needed to be the Light at this time of transition.

And to leave you with one last thought: pretend for a second that your incarnated genders are switched here in 3D. That are your Twin, living your Twin’s life, standing in their shoes, and they are you, living in your shoes. And pretend that you are the one unaware of the connection, or still asleep, or that perhaps you are the one running away out of fear. Would you want your Twin to send you their love? Would you want them to be living their truth? Being happy? They are you after all.

Be gentle with each other. We are all doing the best we can from we are.

Give yourself love, and you give your Twin your love. You are ONE.







Angelic 222 Eclipse Gateway Energy

Breathe, Beloveds, we are in the center of one of two very powerful Eclipse windows of 2017, and on this auspicious day of 222, 2/22, know that all is well as the energies continue to shift in rapid-fire.

Breathe through all of the changes that are coming swiftly now, and know that they are for your higher purpose, always, and for that of the higher purpose of the Collective.

Clear your spaces, make room for your selves in these times, and in all times to come.

The Solar Eclipse brings a New Dawn.

We love you. We See you. We are here.

We are love. We are peace. We are sovereign, and we are free.


(channeled message)

2017 New Energies, Twin Souls, & Letting Go

On the heels of the New Moon energies that we are still feeling, and the intense eclipse energies that will soon be here, we may be feeling as though we’re being hit from all sides right now. We took huge leaps forward in 2016, and now, suddenly we’re not sure which way is up. As I mentioned in the 2017 New Moon post, staying grounded is crucially important to fielding these energies and staying centered and sane. 2017 is set to be a major player as a New Beginning year, and the energies are set to increase as we move forward. This is the way of change even if it feels, and looks, completely chaotic at times. Remember to breathe, go into your heart center, and shield yourself.

Due to these intense energy upgrades, our focus can sometimes get a bit skewed, and our Twin Soul journey, as well as our journey in general, may feel like it’s gone sideways. Healing and purging is still the name of the game right now and we all have to continue with our inner work—both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Know that there isn’t a finish line we’re aiming for here. Soul growth is ongoing, and your soul will always push you to grow and to clear your karma. The reason I mention this is because I feel that some of us are in the false belief system that says ‘as soon as I’m in Union with my Twin Soul everything will be okay. I’ll feel fine then, and all of this will calm down.’ Before I comment on this, let me just note here that there isn’t a time—there has never been a time—when your Twin wasn’t within you. They are with you every single step of the way, holding your hand, helping you, loving you. Always.

Union starts within, not without. The inner connection is the focus first. That being said, as the new energies continue to increase, we may have a tendency to want to hang on to something external so that we feel safe again. Our knee-jerk reaction to being uncomfortable is looking for something that is familiar—even if that something isn’t good for us. Falling into old patterns at this time can be easy because they are what we’re used to, but they aren’t the answer and will only cause setbacks. If you find yourself getting frustrated, angry, anxious, or wanting to ‘chase’ your Twin, know that these emotions will pass through you if only you allow them to. In light of the current global situation, emotions may be running high. Try to keep your intentions positive, your thoughts positive, even when it’s difficult, and find the light within the dark. It is always there.

So, if you are feeling a greater attachment than usual to your Twin right now (or attachment to them in general), then a block is being created in your Union. Attachment is related to fear. Anxiety is fear. It is fear of not having something come to you in the way you want it to, when you want it to, or work out the way you envisioned, or work out at all, so afraid of losing control, you hang on for dear life. You panic. It’s control mode—the opposite of Love. The opposite of trust. It is your inner child screaming out, clinging to the side of the pool, afraid to let go and swim. You’re sending out fear instead of Love.

I understand how difficult it is to wrap your head around letting go, especially when the energies feel like they’ve gone completely haywire from just a few weeks ago. I really do. I also understand wanting to ‘make sure’ our Twin is okay during all of this. It’s natural to want to reach out, to hold on, and try to protect them (especially if you aren’t in physical communication), but keep in mind that these energies are about upgrading your system—the whole system—so when we try to hold on to our Twin, we are actually pushing them away because we go into ‘default’ fear mode. And as uncomfortable as the energy may be at times, and as much as we would like to shield our Twin Soul and keep them safe, know that they are doing the best they can right now, same as you. Have faith in them. Let go and trust that they’re okay, and work on yourSelf. Since we share energy, your inner healing also heals your Twin. And remember that we are always working together behind the scenes. Not all is what is seems to be from the outside perspective.

When we let go we make room for new things to come into our life. And although it sounds like giving up, there is actually a big difference between giving up and giving in. Giving up means you quit. You’re done. You want out. On the contrary, giving in means you are surrendering your control of forcing things into the neat little boxes you have created in your head. It means you’re letting go and making room to allow what is meant to come to you, to come to you. It means trusting yourSelf, the Universe, and your Twin.

It is the same as detachment. We just hate this word, too because we don’t understand it either. Detachment sounds cold. It sounds like you don’t give a damn, and screw it all. But as with most ideas that we find on the path to Awakening, it is actually the opposite of that. Detachment means not clinging to the side of the pool, afraid to swim. It means letting go of your fear. Letting go of one exact outcome. Making room for things to come without expectations. It means trusting the Universe—having Faith. Trusting yourSelf, and allowing yourSelf, to swim. You know how. You just forgot. But you KNOW how to do this. You are Divine. You wouldn’t be on this planet, reading this, if you didn’t have all the skills you need to let go of the side of the pool. Remember who you are, not who you thought you were. There is a difference.

So, as these new 2017 energies continue to flood in, and intensify in these next couple weeks, continue to be gentle with yourself. Make room. Let go. Breathe, trust, go into nature, meditate, clear and ground yourself, take salt baths, take walks near water—and detach from old habits and fears. They don’t serve the real you. Know that everything is okay if you simply allow it to be. Everything is happening in Divine time. We’re right on schedule. There is nothing for you to push or maneuver or chase or run from. Simply allow these energies to go through you and be transmuted into Light. And just like that, you’ll be swimming.

 “… bend like the Willow. By remaining adaptable, balanced, accepting, and independent, and by steadily moving in a single direction, you gain the clarity and strength that make possible a series of great successes.”

~ The I Ching