Daily Divine Union ~ 5/30/17

Every time you ask for something, every time you say that you’re ready, the Universe tests you. It shows you all the shadows that still remain in your field. All the karma that still needs to be cleared. It does this again and again. And again and again, you hit that wall. You think it’s too much, you want to give up, why doesn’t this ever END? How much more inner work could I possibly have to do?? Maybe you’re just completely insane anyway. That makes the most sense, right. Right?

What the Universe doesn’t tell you is that one of these days you’re going to ask for something, you’re going to say that you’re ready Now. Finally. You’re going to feel it, know it. And on THIS day, when you’ve walked straight into your own darkness and OWNED it … On THIS day when you’ve delved into the shadows that still dwell within you and stared into the eyes of your demons without backing down … on THIS day when you’ve forgiven yourself for EVERYTHING and you’ve forgiven EVERY ONE else as well, on THIS day when you’ve touched your own Soul, remembered all the aspects of your Truth, and seen only Light … on THIS day, the Universe will say, “Okay.”


Keep going. XOXO