Angelic 222 Eclipse Gateway Energy

Breathe, Beloveds, we are in the center of one of two very powerful Eclipse windows of 2017, and on this auspicious day of 222, 2/22, know that all is well as the energies continue to shift in rapid-fire.

Breathe through all of the changes that are coming swiftly now, and know that they are for your higher purpose, always, and for that of the higher purpose of the Collective.

Clear your spaces, make room for your selves in these times, and in all times to come.

The Solar Eclipse brings a New Dawn.

We love you. We See you. We are here.

We are love. We are peace. We are sovereign, and we are free.


(channeled message)


2017 New Energies, Twin Souls, & Letting Go

On the heels of the New Moon energies that we are still feeling, and the intense eclipse energies that will soon be here, we may be feeling as though we’re being hit from all sides right now. We took huge leaps forward in 2016, and now, suddenly we’re not sure which way is up. As I mentioned in the 2017 New Moon post, staying grounded is crucially important to fielding these energies and staying centered and sane. 2017 is set to be a major player as a New Beginning year, and the energies are set to increase as we move forward. This is the way of change even if it feels, and looks, completely chaotic at times. Remember to breathe, go into your heart center, and shield yourself.

Due to these intense energy upgrades, our focus can sometimes get a bit skewed, and our Twin Soul journey, as well as our journey in general, may feel like it’s gone sideways. Healing and purging is still the name of the game right now and we all have to continue with our inner work—both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Know that there isn’t a finish line we’re aiming for here. Soul growth is ongoing, and your soul will always push you to grow and to clear your karma. The reason I mention this is because I feel that some of us are in the false belief system that says ‘as soon as I’m in Union with my Twin Soul everything will be okay. I’ll feel fine then, and all of this will calm down.’ Before I comment on this, let me just note here that there isn’t a time—there has never been a time—when your Twin wasn’t within you. They are with you every single step of the way, holding your hand, helping you, loving you. Always.

Union starts within, not without. The inner connection is the focus first. That being said, as the new energies continue to increase, we may have a tendency to want to hang on to something external so that we feel safe again. Our knee-jerk reaction to being uncomfortable is looking for something that is familiar—even if that something isn’t good for us. Falling into old patterns at this time can be easy because they are what we’re used to, but they aren’t the answer and will only cause setbacks. If you find yourself getting frustrated, angry, anxious, or wanting to ‘chase’ your Twin, know that these emotions will pass through you if only you allow them to. In light of the current global situation, emotions may be running high. Try to keep your intentions positive, your thoughts positive, even when it’s difficult, and find the light within the dark. It is always there.

So, if you are feeling a greater attachment than usual to your Twin right now (or attachment to them in general), then a block is being created in your Union. Attachment is related to fear. Anxiety is fear. It is fear of not having something come to you in the way you want it to, when you want it to, or work out the way you envisioned, or work out at all, so afraid of losing control, you hang on for dear life. You panic. It’s control mode—the opposite of Love. The opposite of trust. It is your inner child screaming out, clinging to the side of the pool, afraid to let go and swim. You’re sending out fear instead of Love.

I understand how difficult it is to wrap your head around letting go, especially when the energies feel like they’ve gone completely haywire from just a few weeks ago. I really do. I also understand wanting to ‘make sure’ our Twin is okay during all of this. It’s natural to want to reach out, to hold on, and try to protect them (especially if you aren’t in physical communication), but keep in mind that these energies are about upgrading your system—the whole system—so when we try to hold on to our Twin, we are actually pushing them away because we go into ‘default’ fear mode. And as uncomfortable as the energy may be at times, and as much as we would like to shield our Twin Soul and keep them safe, know that they are doing the best they can right now, same as you. Have faith in them. Let go and trust that they’re okay, and work on yourSelf. Since we share energy, your inner healing also heals your Twin. And remember that we are always working together behind the scenes. Not all is what is seems to be from the outside perspective.

When we let go we make room for new things to come into our life. And although it sounds like giving up, there is actually a big difference between giving up and giving in. Giving up means you quit. You’re done. You want out. On the contrary, giving in means you are surrendering your control of forcing things into the neat little boxes you have created in your head. It means you’re letting go and making room to allow what is meant to come to you, to come to you. It means trusting yourSelf, the Universe, and your Twin.

It is the same as detachment. We just hate this word, too because we don’t understand it either. Detachment sounds cold. It sounds like you don’t give a damn, and screw it all. But as with most ideas that we find on the path to Awakening, it is actually the opposite of that. Detachment means not clinging to the side of the pool, afraid to swim. It means letting go of your fear. Letting go of one exact outcome. Making room for things to come without expectations. It means trusting the Universe—having Faith. Trusting yourSelf, and allowing yourSelf, to swim. You know how. You just forgot. But you KNOW how to do this. You are Divine. You wouldn’t be on this planet, reading this, if you didn’t have all the skills you need to let go of the side of the pool. Remember who you are, not who you thought you were. There is a difference.

So, as these new 2017 energies continue to flood in, and intensify in these next couple weeks, continue to be gentle with yourself. Make room. Let go. Breathe, trust, go into nature, meditate, clear and ground yourself, take salt baths, take walks near water—and detach from old habits and fears. They don’t serve the real you. Know that everything is okay if you simply allow it to be. Everything is happening in Divine time. We’re right on schedule. There is nothing for you to push or maneuver or chase or run from. Simply allow these energies to go through you and be transmuted into Light. And just like that, you’ll be swimming.

 “… bend like the Willow. By remaining adaptable, balanced, accepting, and independent, and by steadily moving in a single direction, you gain the clarity and strength that make possible a series of great successes.”

~ The I Ching