to the new reality.

No, you’re not insane. Promise.

It took me a while to believe this. And even after I was positive I did, there were still days I questioned my sanity.

That being said, the purpose of this blog isn’t necessarily to list every symptom of Kundalini rising (although we’ll talk about it), or Awakening symptoms (we’ll talk about this, too), or Twin Soul signs and Union (and this), but to say that it’s okay. Everything is okay. You’re not crazy.

With all the sites on this topic, nothing ever says, “you’re okay. It’s okay. Just hang in there. It will all make sense soon.”

So, I’m saying, you are okay. Just hang in there.

You’re here at this time on Earth because you are strong enough to be here. Because you are strong enough to do this. Because you wanted to do this, and you chose it. You just forgot. You knew you would forget.

We had to forget who we are so that we could understand what went wrong on this planet. Why separatism and fear took over. We had to understand these things, have compassion and empathy, so we could help fix them. That time is now. As the saying goes: It’s always darkest before the dawn. We are the dawn. The Light that has come forth through the darkness.


We are Twin Souls/Flames, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wanderers, Rays, and the labels aren’t relevant, and we are not alone.



X Lalana