Trust the Silence

Your purpose will find you when you stop searching for it. Trust the silence in you.

XX Lalana


Allow New Beginnings to Begin—April 2017

As you begin to live more and more from your Heart, your energetic vibration will start to rise in response, and as this happens, you will find yourself in a sense of peace you might have forgotten existed. In this place, your life begins to shift, and those relationships that are no longer serving your highest good begin to fray.

We attract our energetic match, so when you are no longer vibrating at the same frequency as the person you’re with, they will gradually leave your field. It is a natural process. Allow it to happen, knowing that you are being Divinely guided.

Relationships come into our lives as we need them, and leave when it is time, making the space for others to follow.

xx Lalana

Venus Retrograde—The Universe is Calling.

During this time of Venus Retrograde, the Universe is asking, “are you falling back into your perceived comfort zones? Or are you following your Heart? Are you walking full steam ahead into the abyss with blind faith? Or are you clinging to the side, afraid to let go?”

This is test time. And it’s scary as hell.

Feel into your Heart and allow it to lead you through. You didn’t get this far—to only get this far.

xx Lalana

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Vishuddha Chakra & Speaking The Truth: The Divine Feminine

The fifth chakra, the Vishuddha, is located in the throat and thus is often referred to as the Throat Chakra. The Vishuddha uses the voice, speaks the truth, the inner knowing, and therefore, it is the chakra that revolves around owning who we are. This for so many of the Divine Feminine collective is not only scary, but downright terrifying. It’s one thing to tackle the inner work, clear the heaviness of the base chakras (Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus), feel yourself moving forward, making progress, and then quite another to stand in your truth and be brave enough to speak it.

It is here that so many of the Divine Feminine feel the flow of energy suddenly get cut off.

Through the persecution of the Divine Feminine over lifetimes, we have been silenced because of fear. Fear of our true power. Our softness, our fluidity, our unwavering strength. And now as we remember our truth, and we know with our intuition, we feel our hearts breaking open again in remembrance of the sheer power of who we are, who we have always been, and we are afraid to own it—to speak it. Sometimes we are afraid of who we are.

Some of us believe that our power is bad, or that we don’t deserve it, so we don’t use it or own it.

But this is what we must do. We must face the fear. With compassion, with love, with understanding—for ourselves above all else—first— and then for the collective. Not everyone will understand your truth, and not everyone will need to hear it, but you will. And you will need to stand in it—to own it—in all your divinity. Because it is your I AM presence, without the mask of illusion. This is the place from where you move with truth and purpose. This is the place from where you stand grounded in the world—with Mother Gaia supporting you.

And this is the place you find your Tribe. The ones who resonate with you, help you, believe in you.


We are co-creators in the mystical, beautiful dance that is Divine Union of the awakened Masculine and the awakened Feminine. We are wondrous in all that we are. Don’t hide your Light. Don’t be afraid of the beauty that you embody. Don’t silence your voice.

You are Sovereign. You are Light.

xx Namaste


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