May Energies Shifting—Have Faith

There are a lot of changes happening behind the scenes right now, and we are starting to see and feel the edges of what this means. May Day on the 1st of May represents rebirth and the merge of the feminine and masculine energies within. As we continue with our inner healing work, old karmic soul contracts will come to a close, outdated relationships that are no longer serving us will begin to fade, and new contracts that reflect our inner truth will start to emerge.

Just breathe through these changes. You’re on the path. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Even when you don’t understand. Breathe. Trust. And know that everything starts from within before it becomes our living reality. Let go gracefully.

Having faith is walking head first, full throttle into the dark with trust, love, and complete surrender–even though you can’t see a damn thing.

As within so without.



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